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Our Story

Why was Reading Glue built, and who is behind it?

From Julie and James Stubblefield, founders of Reading Glue

Reading Glue was built as a resource for parents and teachers to use together in order to close the gap that exists between the classroom and living room. Our goal is to break down the reading practice into a process that is easy for parents to understand and implement at home. We want to give every parent the chance to understand how they can help improve their child's reading ability, and provide them with tools that help insure success.

Teachers are challenged to make decisions that are data driven when it comes to their students. Our goal is to enable teachers to have greater insight as to what reading activities are taking place in the classroom as well as home. Teachers should be able to quickly visualize data, take notes, and make actionable decisions about their students without digging through piles of paperwork.

We have two young children of our own, and so we understand the problems parents face. Julie has been a teacher for over 12 years, and she also understands the problems that teachers face. We are here for you, and want to see your students and children succeed as much as our own children.

Reading Glue is still a young company, and we are learning as we go along. If you have ideas on how we can improve our product, then please feel free to contact us. You can always reach out to James directly by email ( or call him at (708) 414-0838. Yes, that really is his personal number. And yes, he would love to talk to you!


Julie and James Stubblefield