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Manage guided reading anytime, anywhere.

Reading Glue enables you to digitally track student reading and easily communicate progress with parents.

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Connecting the classroom and home with shared data and resources

Increase parent involvement by making them an active stakeholder in the reading practice process. Give parents real time access to their child's performance data, and use this insight to help encourage them to contribute at home.
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I love seeing what my students are reading at home each night, and then being able to send a quick note to praise them. - Elizabeth from Chicago, IL

data dashboard

Easily visualize and track student reading data

Reading Glue makes it simple to track a student's reading performance over time. We have designed a comprehensive dashboard for teachers and parents to easily track reading level changes, recent assessments, and key metrics about how much a student has been reading. Quickly access this data, and use it to make important decisions about a student's learning.
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Paper reading logs are a thing of the past

Teachers, parents, or students can easily create online reading log entries in the classroom or at home. Reading Glue allows a teacher to easily see what, how much and where a student is reading. Motivate your students to read more by creating goals. Teachers can set up classroom goals for minutes, pages, or number of books read over a set amount of time.
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data dashboard

Track and assess your reading groups

Quickly capture what is going on in your reading groups with the use of our notes tool. We make it easy to take anecdotal notes, obtain a snapshot of guided reading performance and set personal goals for each of your students. Parents can view their child's assessments and goals. This allows them to understand what areas they can be supporting at home.
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virtual library

Find the perfect book for reading practice

Reading Glue's virtual library helps teachers and parents quickly find the perfect book to practice reading. Our titles are organized by reading strategy and level. We show parents if a book is below, at, or above their child's reading level. Teachers have the ability to add titles from their own libraries by providing a title, reading level, and strategy.
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Strategy based activities to use before, during, or after reading

We have designed activities that introduce and practice key reading comprehension strategies that are taught in grades K through 5. The activities are simple and easy for parents to implement at home.
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